The Internship of Midwifery Department are twenty one (21) weeks at 8th semester.

It can be carried out with the ESPA program with remuneration and insurance from the ESPA or without ESPA with insurance from the UniWA (applies to practice in the public sector).

The department's Internship Committee consists of the following members, who you can contact via email for information:

Gourounti C., Metallinou D. : Internship without ESPA

Iliadou M., Saralla A. : Internship with ESPA – Athens

Kirkou G. : Internship with ESPA – District Public Hospitals

Gourounti C., Iliadou M.,. Kirkou G., Metallinou D., Sarella A., Aggelioudaki E. : Review of Practical Exercise books and examination of  students.

Responsible for the internship abroad - ERASMUS PLACEMENT:  Sarantaki Ant.

Internship with ESPA of UniWA      


Regulation of Internship    


Regulation of Internship abroad - ERASMUS PLACEMENT


Internship Application                                      Student acceptance Certificate for Internship 


 Practice Book with ESPA                                Presentation Log Student Intern


Clinical Skills Chart Guide                              Internship Evaluation form    


ΒPractice Book without ESPA                          Results of Internship with ESPA