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In her distinguished role as Professor of Community Midwifery at the esteemed School of Health Sciences, University of West Attica, Prof. Victoria Vivilaki is propelled by a profound devotion to women’s health, underpinned by a steadfast commitment to the principles of evidence-based Community Midwifery Practice. Throughout her illustrious professional journey, Prof. Vivilaki has been an innovator, lending her expertise to spearhead transformative educational and research initiatives within the realm of Community midwifery care and women’s health. Her proactive involvement in shaping the landscape of Primary Care and Midwifery extends across both national and European spheres, where she serves as the guiding force behind a dynamic research group. This group is dedicated to exploring innovative approaches to women’s health care, intricately considering the nuanced interplay of social and psychological factors that shape holistic well-being. Beyond the confines of academia, Prof. Vivilaki has wielded her influence as the coordinator of the esteemed research team at the University of West Attica. In this capacity, she has overseen the successful execution of groundbreaking projects such as EUropean Refugees – HUman Movement and Advisory Network (EUR-HUMAN, Project Proposal number 717319), Tobacco cessation guidelines during pregnancy and postpartum period (TOB.g, Project Proposal number 664292), and Operational Refugee And Migrant Maternal Approach (ORAMMA, Project Proposal number 738148). Prof. Vivilaki’s intellectual leadership finds additional expression in her editorial stewardship as the Editor in Chief of the European Journal of Midwifery ( Through this role, she plays a pivotal part in the dissemination of invaluable insights within the field, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and understanding. Her influence is not confined solely to the academic realm, as she holds prestigious organizational positions. Prof. Vivilaki currently serves as the President of the European Midwives Association (European Midwives Association) since 2023 and as the President of the Board of the Greek Midwives Association (Greek Midwives Association) since 2016. Prof. Vivilaki’s research acumen has manifested in a prolific body of work, gracing the pages of international journals. With citations totaling an impressive 1069 and an h-index of 17 (Google Scholar), her contributions are lauded for their impact, with many finding a home in high impact factor journals (as of 2024). Her unwavering dedication transcends the boundaries of traditional academia, as she tirelessly works towards the advancement of the midwifery field, championing research excellence, and ardently advocating for the holistic well-being of women on a global scale. Prof. Vivilaki stands as a beacon of intellectual leadership, leaving an indelible mark on the discourse surrounding women’s health. Connect with Professor Viktoria Vivilaki| LinkedIn | GoogleScholar | @v_vivilaki